Membership in the Association

The Association has an individual, collective and honorary membership.
The individual membership in the Association is oriented at pediatric gastroenterologists and nutritionists of Ukraine, as well as doctors and other specialists with higher education, scientists, academic and other specialists engaged in the field of pediatrics, gastroenterology and nutritiology, who have worked by profession for at least a year.
Collective members of the Association may be the teams of enterprises, institutions, organizations that share the goals and tasks of the Association and participate in the Association. Collective members exercise their rights through representatives.
Approval of the Association members is carried out by the decision of the Board of the Association or the governing bodies of the local branch of the Association on the basis of a written application of citizens (individual member) or a decision of the workforce (collective member) and after payment of the entrance fee.
A document certifying membership in the Association is a membership card, the model of which is approved by the Board.
The withdrawal of members from the Association is executed by the Board by its decision, as well as by the decision of the general meeting of the local branch of the Association, where it is located, based on a written application or in the case of non-fulfillment of the requirements of the Charter of the Association. The issue of withdrawal is decided by open voting in the presence of the person who is withdrawn, and in case non-attendance - in his absence. In the case of withdrawal from the Association, the entrance fees are not returned.
The Board of the Association has the right to decide by a majority at an open vote on the awarding of the title of Honorary Member of the Association to persons who have made a significant contribution in any form in favor of the Association. Honorary members can be both Ukrainian and foreign scientists, doctors, public figures, heads of enterprises, institutions and organizations. Honorary members of the Association are given a unique diploma. Honorary members have the right to be present at any meeting of the Association with an advisory vote. They do not pay membership fees, and cannot be elected to the governing and controlling bodies.
Membership privileges 
Members of the Association have the right:
• to elect and to be elected to the governing or control bodies of the Association;
• to take part in the Congress and to take decisions on the agenda of the Congress;
• to submit proposals for matters within the scope of the Association to the governing bodies of the Association;
• to receive comprehensive information about the activities of the Association;
• to be a member of other public organizations;
• to dispute their withdrawal from the Association members;
• to participate in conferences and symposiums held by the Association for free;
• to contribute to general policy and the development of key directions of medical care for children with gastroenterological diseases;
• to study modern achievements in the field of pediatric gastroenterology and nutritiology;
• to promote raising the level of sanitary culture of the population on nutrition and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
• take part in contests conducted by the Association, receive bonuses and other forms of encouragement as authors of the best works;
• to participate in the development and deepening of comprehensive international cooperation in the field of pediatric gastroenterology and infectious diseases, cooperation with international organizations, scientists and public figures, including those from CIS countries;
• to participate in conducting scientific research and development of practical recommendations on children's gastroenterology and nutritiology;
• to expand contacts and exchange experience with relevant organizations of other countries, whose activities are aimed at the children with gastroenterological diseases;
• to participate in conducting public examinations, clinical trials of new pharmaceutical products, medical equipment, treatment methods used in pediatric gastroenterology and nutritiology;
• to publish articles and reports in the mass media, founded with the participation of the Association.